Longue duree / Brown MIX / 0.15mm
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Longue duree / Brown MIX / 0.15mm

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■特徴: ロングヂューリーから待望のブラウンカラーが誕生しました! 0.15mmの太さでも地毛への負担は約0.03mmと通常のクラシックに比べて約4/1の軽さ。 上下がくぼんだ形状になっているので地毛にしっかりフィットし、持続力アップ。 極上の柔らかさを是非ご体感下さい。 ■材質:PBT■特徴:とっても柔らかく、ボリュームラッシュではとってもFANが作りやすいシートとなっています。 ■材質:PBT ■長さ:7〜14mm ■ Features: A long-awaited brown color was born from Long Distillery! Even with a thickness of 0.15 mm, the burden on the ground hair is about 0.03 mm, which is about 4/1 lighter than the regular classic. Since it is shaped like a hollow up and down, it fits perfectly with the ground hair, and it improves sustainability. Please feel the ultimate flexibility by all means. ■ Material: PBT ■ Features: Very flexible, with volume lash it is very easy to make FAN sheet. ■ Material: PBT ■ Length: 7 ~ 14mm